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Atomised Ferro Silicon 15, also called FeSi 15, is used as a medium in the processing and separation of minerals, metals, scrap and coal, based on their differences in specific weight and gravity. This method of material separation is
called the “sink and float process”, also known as ”dense media separation”. By mixing FeSi 15 and water a slurry is generated, which can be regulated exactly to the desired density - up to 3.3 – 3.4mt/m³ - by adjusting the FeSi 15-to-water ratio. In order to achieve the desired degree of separation between different materials
the slurry’s density must be precisely between the specific gravity of the of the respective materials that are to be separated.

Due to the widespread industrial use of dense media separation, such as in scrap recycling, raw material processing, coal washing and many more, customers for FeSi 15 can be found all over the world. Our long-standing partners and exclusive marketing agents at COFERMIN Rohstoffe enable us to stay in touch with our multinational client base through their wide raw material distribution network. As a result of Hafsil AS’ geographic location the northern and middle European markets are the territories in which we are historically strong. Nevertheless, due our
product’s high quality and our reliable supply network we’ve been able to expand our customer base into other territories such as southern Europe and Africa. And we intend to continuously grow and expand our international markets further.

HAFSIL’s atomised FeSi 15 is available with four different particle size distributions (refer to attachment), suitable for the wide and varied range of dense media separation process plants around the globe. One of the most important tasks of our partners at COFERMIN Rohstoffe is to keep in close contact with our client base in order to determine the most suitable FeSi 15 quality for each individual customer’s requirement. Particularly in the scrap recycling industry, where processing plants are often self built and the consistency in quality of the scrap tends to fluctuate.

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